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(Tunemasterz, Crystal Beats)




Dj Combo started his dj career in 1998 from youth centers when he was only 14 years old.
At that time, they played on vinyls and CDs, he laughs and remembers the nostalgic mood.
When he turned 18, he became a DJ in nightclubs, where he still plays music every weekend around the capital region.
Nowadays, the work is done digitally, he says.
To go back to the early days and to 2007, he started organizing electronic music events with his best friend Dj Phenoxy in Helsinki, Malmi,
where the first 2 events were held under the name Trance Club.
Very soon after these events, a concept called TUNEMASTERZ was founded.

In the years 2008-2018, the TUNEMASTERZ concept organized several different electronic music events
throughout the capital region, while the concept toured various nightclubs.
In the years mentioned above, Combo & Phenoxy always played at the events either together or separately.
They were united by love specifically for TRANCE music.

During 10 years, Finland's most famous DJs played alongside them at the same events, such as...
Dj Proteus, Neon, Friik ja Triton, Waily, Alex Kunnari, Joonas Hahmo, Milla Lehto, Rony Rex, Tom Fall, Heikki L,
Christian Arctica, D.N.A, Miikka L, Wegez & Nic'Silver, DwS etc. etc.
Combo has also played in one of the oldest and best-known Finnish club called SÄDE.

Dj Combo is also a familiar sight at electronic music events himself, as he has experienced the first raves at Nosturi in Helsinki in the early 2000s,
when Illusions Productions events were organized.

After 2018, the TUNEMASTERZ concept decided to take a break from events and focus on family life.

In 2022, DJ COMBO, known from the TUNEMASTERZ concept, will return to party patterns with a new concept called CRYSTAL BEATS,
which will also be heard in the future.

COMBO has been greatly influenced by German Trance and the releases of the Garuda, Future Sound Of Egypt and Future Sequence record companies,
and similar music is to be found in his sets with 138-144 BPM power and beautiful vocals.
He loves Uplifting & Vocal Trance and his music can express in words,
"The Most Powerful Uplifting & Passionate Music You Will Ever Hear".


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